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Magnart is very popular with Interior Designers, Art Galleries, Curators and Exhibitors. Our products were recently used in CORE – Australian Printmakers Invitational, exhibition curated by Katherine Kennedy.

CORE: Exhibition

CORE, a printmaking exhibition of works on paper and printed objects introduces 16 of Australia’s established and emerging printmakers to Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand. The beauty of a print-on-paper exhibition is synonymous with being nice and close to the printed surface, to see how the ink sits upon or is infused with the fibres of the paper, the embossing which occurs with a raised matrix (plate) and of course the artists hand. To allow such an interactive viewing of works submitted for CORE, two dimensional prints were requested unframed for manet hanging so that you can indeed get nice and close to the printed surface. The official opening of CORE was a success as measured by the comments received ranging from the quality of the imagery to the hanging of the work. The enjoyment of works on paper multiplied with the viewer’s access to it without the barrier that glass imposes.

Magnart® is limited only by your imagination!

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