How to mount Magnart:

mount magnart
  1. Clean surface: Smooth out uneven surface with fine sandpaper and wipe with Isopropyl rubbing alcohol, let dry. Do not use household cleaners.

    Tip: A light film of hairspray will improve surface quality. 

  2. Apply adhesive tabs: Carefully remove one side of magnart adhesive tab and firmly position on the wall with even pressure for 30 seconds.

  3. Wait for 30 minutes: For adhesive to bond.

  4. Apply Magnart backing plate: Remove other side of Magnart adhesive tab and firmly position Magnart backing plate with even pressure for 30 seconds.

  5. Wait for another 30 minutes

  6. Position image: Place Magnart magnets on the front. Strong clamping pressure with the backing plate will hold image in place.

How to remove Magnart:

remove magnart

  1. Slowly slide Magnart magnet: Slowly slide Magnart magnet away from the object.

  2. Slide knife under Magnart backing plate: Gently lever Magnart backing plate from Magnart adhesive.

  3. Roll adhesive slowly away.