About Us

Magnart is a reusable magnetic display system, allowing you to hang art and images from any wall! Used in homes and art galleries around the world!

Magnart is an innovative magnetic hanger display system that eliminates the need for nails, pins, tape or blu-tac. Perfect for displaying photos, artwork, lists, invoices, posters, textiles, and maps; enabling wall-mounting exhibits of lightweight textile, photographic and paper images without art destruction. You're only limited by your imagination! The coated MAGNART® magnet and disc holds the image to the wall surface without causes permanent damage to the wall or the artwork. 

The variety of products that we offer range from Pin Up Magnets for whiteboard or fridge use, to the Magnetic Hanging System packs designed to hang artwork from any surface. Our range offer a strong an non-invasive alternative to displaying images in the home, workplace or art gallery as the magnetic feature does not leave any mark on the wall, yet holds the artwork firmly in place! The system is re-usable and does not damage the product that is being suspended!

Don’t hang it, pin it, or stick it, Magnart it!