Magnets and their magnetic properties are said to have been used for the first time approximately 2,500 years ago in Greece and China and came about through the unearthing of lodestones. These naturally magnetised minerals attract iron and were behind the creation and use of the first functional magnetic compasses! Centuries after this discovery, magnets are everywhere, hidden among us in electronic devices such as telephones, computers, and even used in MRI machines!

Since the discovery of lodestones, many other minerals with magnetic abilities have been unearthed and utilised. In addition to this, modern technology has sourced a way to develop this magnetic field organically. Mankind’s initial encounter with magnets was instrumental in the creation of the magnetic compass, leading to countless expeditions and subsequently resulting in the development of the world we know today!

There Are Countless Uses For Magnets! 

strong magnetsMagnets come in many different shapes and sizes with many uses and capabilities. The strongest commercial magnet available is the Rare Earth (or Neodymium) magnet, able to adhere to metallic surfaces for an indefinite amount of time if large enough! They’re deceptively strong for their size and grow in strength the larger they are! Another form of magnet is the Ferrite magnet – able to have a secure hold on a metallic object, withstand high temperatures, and is the most commonly used magnet due to its strength and economical manufacturing cost. Alnico magnets aren’t as strong as the others, however they have an excellent temperature resistance and are perfect in educational environments for demonstrating the magnetic fields of the north and south poles! These are just some of the incredible magnets out there!

The uses for magnetic objects are so much more than the humble fridge magnet – they have countless uses and are implemented all around us in everything we do! They can be used in the office to hold up documents on a whiteboard as demonstrated by our Pin Up Magnets, able to hold approximately 10 A4 sheets of paper at a time! We also offer a range of products to help you hang and arrange artwork at home or at an art gallery to diversify your space. This provides for a simple and non-invasive decoration which can last for as long as you need it to! Our Magnart Display System is affordable, easy to install, secure, and can be permanent if you want it to be! 

Our Magnart Display System uses small Neodymium Cylinders, 8mm x 10mm, each with an individual pull force of 2.4kg! It’s used for light weight display due to its strong holding power and is currently used in the State Library of NSW, Museum of Contemporary Art, various government departments, and galleries all around the world! 

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