Magnart Economy 50 Pack 50 Tabs

Magnart Economy 50 Pack | 50 Magnets and 50 Adhesive Tabs

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Magnart® is a strong, good-looking, non-invasive reusable magnetic display system that doesn't damage the work or the surface on which it is attached. Don't hang, pin, or stick it. Magnart® it.

Magnart® is smart, intelligent and works well in any room of the house, office, boat, studio, gallery, shed or garage. Magnart® organises, displays, advertises and exhibits any permanent or temporary need.

Magnart® is limited only by your imagination!

Magnart Bulk 50 kit contains:

  • 51 Backing Plates  (22mm wide x 32mm height x 1mm thick)
  • 50 Magnets  (8mm diameter x 10mm length)
  • 50 Adhesive Tabs

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